Thursday, December 29, 2011

What am I doing and why?

People are starting to ask me about the Wiki, Facebook page and Twitter account. What am I doing and why? I've put together this short "knowledgebase of sorts" to answer some of your questions. Sure, I'll still get asked, but at least it'll be easier to answer them now.

What's so special about food trucks or street food?
Seriously, how much time do you have? I could talk your ear off. If you've never had the experience, you're in for a treat. In Arizona, for example, it's no longer just Sonoran hot dogs and taco stands. Forget about the old "roach coach" stories. Gourmet food trucks are owned and operated by talented chefs. There are some real culinary gems out there.

What is your role in promoting food trucks?
I'm a writer and a street food enthusiast. I have no financial stake in any food truck, mobile food vendor or related business. I might someday, but for now, writing is my passion and I love to share. As a result, I can give back to the community by helping local food truck vendors get the word out. To quote Eat-a-Burger1, " build Arizona into a diversified, sustainable state with unique, thriving, and culturally rich communities will require us all to take part in supporting locally owned businesses."

Do you charge people for getting listed on your Wiki or social media list?
No, listings are free. The Wiki is a community resource, which means that anyone can edit the pages. If you're a food truck vendor, I encourage you to add/edit your page there. Please keep it factual and avoid hyperbole. Of course, if you start to spam the Wiki and add advertisements, then we'll have to chat about Wiki etiquette. :)

Basically, if I can be part of something cool by writing about it, count me in.
What do you hope to gain by doing all this work for free?
I hope to gain personal satisfaction and enjoyment, for one thing. Gourmet food trucks are a relatively new phenomenon in Arizona. I love being at the forefront when new trends emerge. It's how I've made my living as a writer over the years, but more importantly, I just really like watching new concepts grow and thrive. Basically, if I can be part of something cool by writing about it, count me in. My background is in writing about business and technology, and covering food trucks is a hobby for me at the moment. But you never know where opportunities will lead.

Is there anything else we should know?
If you're a food truck or street food vendor in Tucson, I've started to schedule interviews so I can write feature articles, blog posts and shoot video. Let me know if you're interested in being featured.

Thanks for reading,

~ Kim

Notes:1 Eat-a-Burger started out as a Tucson-area family owned food truck that transitioned to a restaurant in the Summer 2011. Now that's what I'm talkin' about.