Sunday, December 25, 2011

What's Happening on Our Wiki and Facebook page

What's happening on the Street Food Files wiki and on our Facebook page? Here is an overview of some recent additions and changes.

  • Quick reference charts - Need a quick look at active food vendors? Check out the AZ Food Trucks Social Media List from a left-hand tab on our Facebook page.
  • Better navigation - The wiki category tree will continue to evolve as we add more quality content. Got an idea for new pages and need help? Leave a note for the wiki founder about what you're planning. We'll be glad to support your contributions in any way we can.
  • Cool images - We're adding copyright-free or royalty-free icons to improve the look throughout the wiki. And as we take and receive better quality photos of food truck vendors and events, we'll switch out old photos for the new. You can help! Upload your photos and add them to related wiki pages.
Got some comments or advice about the direction of the SFF wiki? Just let us know. We're open to your feedback and encourage you to become a regular contributor to our wiki community

Take care and Happy Holidays!